Why You Should Install Storage Lockers At Your Business

Do you have employees on site who are currently leaving items like a smartphone inside their vehicles because it's not allowed in the workplace? Have you had issues with an employee's valuables going missing? Today, it's possible to install storage lockers on site that will provide your employees and your business with a number of key benefits. Here's why you should look into ordering a mini storage locker for each of your workers.

Keep Valuables Secure and Nearby

If employees aren't allowed to have certain valuables inside the workplace like electronic devices, they might currently be keeping their phones inside their cars or some other location that could be a target for a thief. When you get each employee an on-site storage locker, they can put their valuables in there and know that the items are on-site in the building and you can even set up a camera to monitor this area. If employees need to go grab their phone, their purse, or another important item, they can go get what they need without having to go outside to the parking lot.

Protect Your IP and Data

Some retail stores may not want employees to have phones on the sales floor because it can be a distraction when they are supposed to be working. But other offices might not want a smartphone with a camera on it to be anywhere near the company's in-development intellectual property or customer data. A mini storage locker for each employee allows workers to have their smartphones nearby when needed but will also guarantee that they stay out of restricted areas. This will help ensure that all private data or company information stays that way and you won't have to deal with a leak that could give your competitors an advantage.

It's a Nice Perk

Storage lockers on site are just a nice perk to offer for employees, even if your business doesn't have a critical need for them. If your office lets new mothers take their child to a company-run nursery, those new moms could stow away baby supplies in their locker. If your company offers an office gym, you could set up storage lockers inside the changing rooms or nearby to let people stash their gym bags or other stuff while working out.

Adding storage lockers to your business can provide employees with security and convenience while also keeping electronic devices out of restricted areas for your business. 

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