Why You Should Consider Renting Covered Storage For Your Boat

If you own a boat, maybe you have a spot down in the local marina or you just keep it parked out in your driveway next to your car. While either of these options is generally fine, more boat owners today are seeking out dedicated boat rental storage options. Here's why you might want to look for a provider of covered boat storage near you.

Getting Your Boat Completely Out of the Elements Can Extend Its Life

While you can put a boat cover on your boat while it's in your driveway or parked in the marina, it's still at least somewhat vulnerable to the elements, especially if it is sitting in the water at a marina. High winds or rain may still cause an issue if parts of your boat's exterior are exposed. Rain or snow getting Ito the engine, hull, or elsewhere can cause damage or a maintenance headache. With a dedicated boat storage unit, you can move your boat completely indoors and away from Mother Nature's wrath.

A Dedicated Boat Storage Unit is More Secure Than Your Driveway or Even the Local Marina

Boat thieves unfortunately do exist, and a boat left in a marina or even in your own driveway could become a late-night target. Even if someone doesn't tow away the entire boat, they might try to get into the engine and steal the most valuable parts. While your local marina might have cameras or at least some security, a dedicated boat storage business is likely to have better overall security including locked entry and much more. Storing your expensive boat in a dedicated and locked-down unit should give you better peace of mind if you need to put your boat away for months at a time once the weather turns cold.

Potentially Less Expensive Than Storing at the Marina and Less Hassle Than Storing on Your Property

Prices for renting a boat storage unit will of course vary, but in many cases, you may find it's less expensive or similar in price to the local marina. Parking your boat at the marina can often come at a premium cost because the marina is charging you for the benefit of having your boat already in the water and ready to go when boating is in-season. But as long as you don't mind towing your boat from a dedicated storage site back to the water, going this route could likely save you a few dollars month after month. If your boat is parked at home, consider that using a storage unit instead will clear up your driveway, garage, or another part of your property that you can use for other purposes.

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