5 Tips for Properly Storing Your Trade Show Booth

Your trade show booth is an investment in your business and it represents your company to all who see it. This means that properly storing it is vital for its continued good health and appearance. What should you know about storing trade show booths when not in use? Here are five key tips.

1. Choose Secure Storage

Don't simply place your booth materials anywhere they fit. Good display booths can cost $10,000 or more, so you want to protect this investment. And not only is it an investment of money but also your time and effort in creating the right way to represent your company. So be sure you use proper commercial storage that is locked and secured with modern security features. 

2. Carefully Inspect the Booth First

After every use, take some time to inspect the booth and all its accompanying parts. If possible, inspect it while set up at the show. However, if time and space don't permit, set it up again on your own site and make a complete inspection. Make sure you have all the pieces needed and that everything is in working order. Have any damage fixed before properly folding and boxing it up in correct containers. 

3. Use Climate Control

The materials most trade show displays are made from can easily be damaged by the wrong environment. Extreme heat or cold can warp metals and wood parts. Moisture can damage the wood as well as canvas, vinyl, and fabrics. And exposure to the sun fades colors and lettering. If you aren't using climate-controlled storage, opt for indoor storage with additional walls for insulation. 

4. Store Everything Together

Choose a storage location large enough to keep everything together in one place. Encase small parts in labeled containers or attach them to larger pieces. If you need specialty tools to assemble, keep these with the booth itself so they aren't missing when you arrive at your next show. 

5. Avoid Storing With Other Items

Don't bundle the booth with other things. Why? First, this increases the likelihood that something will get misplaced or incorrectly taken. Second, it can also result in the booth being squished, folded incorrectly, or bent. Once the booth goes into storage for weeks or months, imperfections in how it's stored are unlikely to be discovered until they cause potential permanent visible damage to the unit. 

Want more tips for storing important displays and advertising materials? Consult with commercial storage companies today to learn more.

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