Rent A Storage Unit To Move Into A Smaller Office Space

Whether you run a solo operation or you have a partner that you work with in an office space, you may have started with leasing a large office or transitioned into one over time. While you may appreciate all the space that you get with a large workspace, you may not like how much it can increase your business expenses, especially when you are not fully utilizing the space.

If you know that you are using a lot of the space for storage, you may want to downsize. To downsize without making any sacrifices, you can rent a storage unit to fill up with items.

Seasonal Items

While it depends on the work that you do, you may have some items that you use on a seasonal basis. For instance, you may have a portable air conditioner that you only use during spring and summer. This is something that you can put into a storage unit until you need it in the office.

This will help you set up your new office so that you only have items out and on display that you intend on using regularly. It will prevent items from collecting dust for months at a time.


When you need quick access to certain documents, you should keep them in the office. But, you will also have a collection of records and papers that you just need to store for a long time. This is the perfect opportunity to put these documents into storage in case you need them later. You will want to get climate control for the storage unit to prevent documents from deteriorating.


Another thing that you will appreciate being able to store is office supplies. In the beginning, you may have bought a lot of bulk items to save money. But, this may have you utilizing every possible storage space in your office with things that you will not need to use for a long time. A storage unit allows you to put these supplies inside and forget about them until you need replacements.

Backup Hardware

When you upgrade a computer, you may remove old memory, hard drives, and graphics cards. These parts may be fully functional, but there is no reason to use them when you have better parts. Keeping them is a smart idea because you can use them as backup hardware. Having a storage unit to put hardware into will keep the items in great condition to use at any time.

Renting a storage unit is a great way to set yourself up for downsizing with your office space. For more information, contact a company like Haggard Mini Storage.

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