Four Ways To Save Your Back When Loading A Storage Unit

If your back becomes sore easily, then the idea of moving your possessions into a storage unit may have you feeling a bit nervous. You may worry that you'll strain your back or be laid up for days afterwards. If you can find some dutiful friends to move your things for you, that's probably the best option. But if you truly do need to move the items into storage yourself, there are a few tips you can follow to make the process easier on your back.

Rent a larger unit.

You're not in a situation to try cramming as much as possible into a small storage unit. Doing so will require stacking boxes, which is not healthy for your back. Instead, pay a few extra dollars per month for a larger unit. You won't have to stack things as high, and you'll also have more room to move around between stacks and aisles of items, which reduces your risk of straining something as you try to squeeze through a tight spot.

Pack lighter boxes.

Find as many small boxes as you can. It's important to fill boxes completely, as a half-filled box may collapse in a stack. So when you have small boxes, you can fill them completely without the end result being too heavy. If you have some really heavy items and a box filled with them will be too heavy, you can place just one or two of these items in a box and then stuff the rest of the space with tissue paper.

Rent a dolly.

Most moving companies and moving truck rental companies also rent out dollies. There are two and four-wheeled designs. Which you choose is really a matter of preference, but do make sure you rent one. This way, you can just put heavy things onto the dolly and wheel them into the storage unit, which is a lot easier on your back than carrying things the whole way.

Take breaks.

Allow yourself plenty of time on moving day so you can really take your time and take breaks every hour or so. If you rest your muscles before they become too fatigued, they won't become as tight, and you will be less prone to strains. Make sure you have a comfortable chair on hand so you can take breaks and sit down whenever you start to feel tired or your back gets a little sore.

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