Is Your Storage Unit Prepared For Winter? How To Protect Your Belongings From Cold-Weather Damage

Winter's coming. Are the things you put in storage last spring protected against the cold, wet weather that will soon be here? If you haven't taken steps to winterize your storage unit, you might be in for an unwelcome shock next spring. It might not seem possible, but there are a variety of problems that can damage your belongings while they're in storage during the winter, especially if steps haven't been taken to protect them. Here are three important steps you need to take to make sure your stored belongings survive the winter:

Move Things Off the Ground

If you have boxes, or furniture resting on the ground, you've got a recipe for disaster, especially if your storage unit floods this winter. Once water finds its way into the storage unit, everything on the floor will be either water-damaged or destroyed. Don't let that happen to your belongings. Instead, take some steps to water-proof your storage unit. First, bring in some storage shelves, and place your boxes and bins on those. Second, pick up a few wood pallets and place them on the floor of your storage unit. Store your furniture and appliances on those. Finally, place a row of sandbags along the inside of your storage unit, right in front of the door. Be sure that the door can close though. Once you close the door, the sandbags that you've placed inside the storage unit will keep the water out.

Cover Your Wood Furniture

If you've got wood furniture in storage, the winter months can be particularly brutal, especially if your unit isn't climate-controlled. One way to protect your wood furniture is to cover it with either padded furniture covers or old comforters. The covering will help preserve the wood and prevent damage to the finish. To prevent moisture damage, you should place one silica packet in each drawer of your wood furniture. To prevent moisture altogether, fill a 5-gallon bucket with charcoal briquettes, and place it in the storage unit. The charcoal will absorb the moisture, and protect your belongings.

Prevent Winter Pest Invasions

If you're going to be storing upholstered furniture, important papers, or clothing, you'll need to prevent winter pest invasions, especially the mice. Mice can find their way into your storage unit, and when they do, they'll destroy anything they can use as nesting material. Keep mice out of your belongings this winter by storing important documents and clothing in airtight containers. You should also keep the scented items out of your storage unit. Mice are attracted to anything that has a strong odor, especially lotions, potpourri, and scented candles.

Don't let winter weather destroy the belongings you have in storage. Use the simple tips provided here to winterize your storage unit. Contact a company that has outdoor storage units for more information and assistance. 

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