Don't Let Moisture Ruin Your Belongings: How To Keep Moisture Out Of Your Storage Unit

If you're going to be putting things in storage this year, you'll need to prepare for the moisture, especially if you're not going to be renting a climate-controlled unit. Moisture can ruin just about everything you'll put in storage, including wood furniture, clothing, electronics, and papers. If you're going to be storing any of those items, you definitely need to take steps to control moisture in your storage unit. Luckily, you don't need to go to extreme measures to stop moisture. In fact, it's pretty easy to keep moisture out, especially if you take the steps described here:

Save Your Silica Packets

You might not realize this, but those little packets that you find in shoe boxes, and some food packages, can actually be put to good use once you get them home. Instead of tossing them in the trash, save them for your storage items. Placing one silica packet in with your clothing, family photos, papers, and even dresser drawers, will help keep moisture away while your belongings are in storage. Not only that, but you can also put them in with your small electronic devices to keep moisture away from those too.

Load Up on Charcoal

Now that summer is over, you're probably not going to be having any more backyard barbecues. That doesn't mean you need to throw your unused charcoal briquettes away. In fact, you shouldn't toss them in the trash. You should use them to protect your storage unit from moisture buildup. All you need to do is pour your unused charcoal into a bucket, or other containers, and place it right into your storage unit. You can also use your unused charcoal to keep bugs out of your storage unit, especially ants. Use a hammer to crush a few briquettes, and then sprinkle the pieces around the edges of your storage unit. The bugs won't venture into your storage area.

Kitty Litter Isn't Just for Your Kitties

If you thought kitty litter was only good for providing restroom facilities for your cats, and absorbing oily messes in the garage, you're mistaken. Kitty litter is also great for absorbing unwanted moisture from your storage unit. Fill a bucket with kitty litter and place it in your storage unit. The kitty litter will absorb all the unwanted moisture, but it will also absorb odors, which will keep your belongings smelling fresh while they're in storage.

If you want to avoid moisture damage while you have your belongings in storage, use the simple moisture-absorbing tricks provided here. Contact a company like East "O" Street Self Storage LLC for more information and assistance. 

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