Child Moving Out For College? Tips For Storing Their Things

If you have a child that is moving out of your home to live in the college dorms, everything they have will likely not fit into a small dorm room. If you would like to use their room for something else, such as a craft room, home office, etc., you can keep their things safe but out of the way. Below is some more information about this so you can get started cleaning the room out:

Use a Storage Unit

One of the easiest ways to keep their things safe and in good condition is to put them into a storage unit. You can find storage units that have moisture and temperature control, which is needed if you are storing anything that is electronic. Moisture and humidity will build up inside these devices and damage them. Moisture and high temperatures can ruin other things, as mold could easily build up anywhere there is wetness.

You can find storage units in a variety of sizes from mini units to full-size. It is less expensive for the mini units so you can save money if you do not have a lot of things to store.

Check with the storage unit owner and ask about the fees. In most cases, you will pay a monthly fee. Ask them if you are on a set lease, such as you must pay for the storage unit for a certain amount of time. There are many storage unit facilities that will let you pay month by month and allow you to remove your things anytime you wish without paying fees.

The storage unit facility that you choose should have security and be well lit always. This is because thieves will likely not steal from storage units if everything is lit up.

Talk it Over

Talk to your child about their things before you do anything. Once you have done this, start out making four piles: one for items that need to go to storage, one for items that can be donated, one for items your child wants to take with them, and one for items that can be thrown away. This will immediately let you see how many things will need to be sent to storage.

It is important that your child do this on their own or with your help as their room has been their domain for many years. There are likely many things you would see as trash but is sentimental to your child.

If your child needs extra money they could hold a yard sale for the things they do not want. They could do this a week or two before they leave so they will have money to take with them while they are on the road.

You should consider leaving the room intact for a while just in case your child decides to come back home and go to a local college. If they are homesick, coming back to their room like it was will make them feel better. Once you see they are happy and you know they will not move back in, you can then follow the tips above.

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