Moving For Work But Returning? Store Items While Leasing Your Space To Protect Your Belongings

If you have to take a position in a new city or out of the country, but you plan on returning home at some point, you may want to lease your apartment or home. To do this it's best to put all of your belongings into a safe place, so they don't get damaged or stolen, and so you have them when you are ready to return. A self-storage unit is an easy way to keep the items protected and safe until you return home. Here are some of the things to think about when picking out a self-storage facility:

Find a Top Security Location

You want to find a self-storage facility that prides itself on the security features look. You specifically want to look for a facility that offers:

  • Code or key pad locks, no padlock doors
  • Video surveillance
  • Locked entrance to the property
  • Security guards

Facilities that take the extra effort to make sure their leaser's items are protected are going to take care of their facility, and it's going to be the best place to leave you stuff.

Climate Controlled Options

Some storage units have a thermostat and are kept at a moderate temperature. This can prevent:

  • Damage from freezing
  • Humidity and moisture problems
  • Heat damages and problems

There will be an extra cost when you want to have this type of perk with the space, but this is a cost worth looking into if you are storing electrical units and very valuable items.

Give Someone You Trust Access to Your Storage

While you are away there could be an incident at the self-storage facility, there could be a natural disaster, or you may need a belonging out of storage. Make sure that someone you can trust can get into the unit if they need to, by leaving them a key, or by giving the facility their information so they can get in with their identification and a manager.

If you have to move and you aren't going to be living in your space, you probably don't want to leave your items behind for someone to use. Instead, find a safe and secure self-storage rental facility where you can have someone easily check on your stuff, and where you can feel at ease that nothing is going to happen. Talk with the facility about storage insurance for your items, and with your insurance provider to get the best coverage you need. 

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