Tips For Renting A Commercial Storage Unit

Storing the various items that you will need for your business can require a large amount of space. Considering the high costs of commercial properties, it may not be efficient to have a large storage area in your building. Rather, renting a commercial storage unit from a company like Sutters Fort Self Storage LLC will likely prove to be the more cost-effective option for storing these materials.

List The Various Items That Your Business Will Need To Store

Prior to starting to evaluate potential rental units, you will want to have a clear understanding of the specific items that you will be placing in the storage unit. This is necessary to ensure that you choose a unit that will be appropriate for your needs. When you will be storing fairly delicate items, you will want to keep them in a unit that has climate control capabilities. Examples of these items will include electronics, furniture, and sensitive documents.

Avoid Creating A Fall Hazard When Loading The Storage Unit

When loading the items into the storage unit, it is a common mistake for individuals to stack them in such a way as to put them at risk of falling over. Often, this is due to individuals stacking these items too high, and if these items fall, they can cause serious injuries or damages. You can help to avoid this type of hazard by always placing the heavier items on the bottom of the stacks. Additionally, you should only use boxes that are designed for stacking. Many basic cardboard boxes will be unable to accommodate this type of intense weight, which can put them at a risk of collapsing.

Consider The Size Of The Vehicles That You Will Need For Loading And Unloading The Unit

Depending on the items that you will be needing to store, you may require the use of a large truck or another vehicle to transport them. Unfortunately, many people will fail to consider this need when they are evaluating potential rental units. To avoid this potential hassle, you should always verify that you will be able to easily navigate your vehicle through the storage facility.

Visit The Unit On A Fairly Regular Basis

After you have loaded your items in the unit, you should avoid neglecting them until you need them. Regular visits to the storage facility are essential to prevent minor damages from having enough time to cause serious harm to the items in the unit. These hazards can include pests, leaks, or box collapses, but visiting the unit every few weeks will allow you to quickly address these problems.

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