How To Store Your Trade Show Booth Items

If your company rents space at conventions and trade shows, you probably have plenty of items that need to be stored when not in use. From graphic signs to tables, your trade show exhibit items need to be stored securely, and a self-storage unit can be a great option for your business. Here are a few tips to help you pack away these items and keep them organized:

Graphic Signs

Your graphic signs help to identify your brand to people visiting, and you want to make sure these signs stay in great shape. If your images are printed on paper, consider investing in cardboard tubes like those used for blueprints. These tubes come in a variety of sizes, and the durable construction helps to prevent wrinkling, tearing, and bending. You can also use these tubes for retractable cloth signage as well. Place the tubes in a tall box with each tube sitting on its end to prevent crushing, and label the cap of each tube with the type of sign contained within.

Promotional Merchandise

If you give away promotional merchandise, such as tote bags, pens, or coffee mugs, you can use plastic bins to store these items away. Opt for clear bins so you can see what is contained inside, and separate the items by type. When it's time to load your truck or van for the next trade show, you can simply stack the bins inside the vehicle and unpack them when you arrive. If you have edible promotional merchandise, invest in air-tight containers to help keep pests away while the items are in storage.

Lecterns And Furniture

Any furnishings you have, including lecterns, chairs, stools, and tables, should be wrapped for storage. You can use moving blankets to protect them from damage and dirt. These blankets also provide added protection when you are transporting your items to each trade show and convention. Be sure to remove all paperwork and other items from your furnishings, and use foam or plastic wrap to reinforce table and chair legs for added support. If any of your exhibit furniture can be disassembled, consider breaking it down before placing it into storage and wrapping each piece in a moving blanket.

Map out your storage unit before filling it so you can be sure that everything fits neatly inside, and arrange items in the order you will load them on your truck, with larger items stored toward the front. This will help to make it easier to pack your items onto your truck when it's time to hit the road for a trade show.

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