Storage Tips For Your Rowboat And Accessories

If you own been using your rowboat incessantly this summer to catch fish and bask in the sun and are getting ready to store your boat for the fall and winter months, the following tips will help you organize materials in your boat and store the watercraft so that it is ready for use next spring:


  • all purpose cleaning spray
  • soft cloths
  • water hose
  • towel
  • airtight storage containers (built-in compartments)
  • labels
  • marker
  • detergent
  • sponge
  • deck brush
  • marine polish
  • buffing cloth
  • measuring tape
  • fitted cover

Clean Items In The Boat And Clean The Watercraft

Remove items from the rowboat and place them on a table or another sturdy surface. Apply an all purpose cleaning spray to a soft sponge and wipe the items off. If any materials are filthy and wiping them off does not seem to be helping matters, spray items that are water resistant with a water hose before wiping them off with a sponge that has a cleaning agent applied to it.

Allow the items to air dry or use a clean cloth or towel to dry them. After items have dried, place them in airtight containers that have built-in compartments. Apply a label to the outside of each container and use a permanent marker to write a brief description of the contents of each compartment. 

Apply A Coat Of Marine Polish And Secure A Cover

Rinse the rowboat's interior and exterior with a strong stream of water. Use a deck brush or sponge to apply detergent to portions of the boat that are dirty. Apply water to the boat to rinse off any soapy film that remains on the watercraft. Use marine polish to dampen a buffing cloth. Apply the cloth to the exterior of the boat and move the cloth with a swirling motion to administer the polish. Repeat the same steps to polish the inside of the boat. Afterward, remove extra polish by moving a clean, dry cloth across the boat's interior and exterior. 

Measure the boat's width and length. Visit a marine retailer to purchase a fitted cover for your rowboat. After acquiring a cover, slip it over the boat. Store your boat inside of a garage or shed throughout the fall and winter. Next spring, uncover your boat and open the containers that contain the accessories that you normally use while in your boat. You are now set to get back into the water.

Contact a boat storage facility for more information and assistance. 

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